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April 1
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Apr 25, 2010 7:30am EDT
marketing, facebook, twitter, that type of thing. we've learned a lot about search engine optimization and getting to the top of google has definitely been the biggest payoff for us. >> surround yourself with experts. i don't know anything about taxes. i don't know anything about creating a website, but what i did is i went out and i found the best cpa i could find. i found the best graphics designer i could find. i found the best web person i could find and i said this is what i want. now make me look like a rock star. >> when it comes to the final business decision, experts can provide the information, but only you really know how to use that information and twh to use that expertise in the way that's going to benefit your business and your clients. >>> is your company's home page up to speed? if not, our website of the week can help you find out what's going on.
Jan 15, 2010 9:00am EST
's just about search engines optimization, but who -- and this is a big question, but who is setting the ethics and the standards and the best practices of how campaigns reach potential voters. and anyone wants to -- >> i mean, i think in large part, i'll just briefly say, you have for experience with it, in large part, i think it's policed by the users out there, who will feel you know, that's a dirty trick, that's ridiculous. don't pollute our on-line environment with this or that. that might not be good enough. sometimes there might need to be more. but in large part, what we were saying before about how people online are smart, they're not just sitting there in their pajamas saying this horthat, they know when somebody is manipulating the web in a way that's underhanded and i think that's very risky for candidates and that's going to blow up in their face and that can police it in and of itself. >> so the example of that is the google bomb. basically the theory is that google returns search web results based on what's relevant so if you get a whole bunch of people to link to some
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2